Remember or Honor Someone

Any gift can be made in memory or in honor of a special person or event.

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Memorial Gifts

Memorial gifts honor the memory of someone who touched your life in a special way. Often, families ask for memorials to hospice in funeral notices as a way of honoring loved ones. Many people make annual memorial contributions to remember the birthday or anniversary of a loved one. Your gift will be acknowledged with a lovely card that will be sent to family members and others.


Honorariums provide donors a way to express their appreciation or love and respect for a living family member, friend, coworker or other special person. Such a contribution is a thoughtful way to remember someone’s birthday or anniversary. The person honored by your contribution will receive a card announcing your gift.

When making your gift, please indicate the name of the person you wish to honor and provide a mailing address as appropriate. We will be honored to send a notification of your generous remembrance to the individual or individuals memorialized or honored. Your gift amount is not disclosed.

Obituary Designations

HPCG can help you include memorial gift information in obituaries. Click here to learn more about Planned Giving.