Grief Services

Children cope with illness and loss differently than adults. Kids Path strives to meet the unique needs of children and their families by offering information, support and a safe place to express feelings.

Individual Counseling for Children and Teens

Children and teens (ages 4-18) can come to Kids Path for individual grief counseling. Kids Path offers this service at no charge to any child or teen in the community coping with the loss or illness of a loved one. This is made possible through generous donations from participants in our programs, as well as funding from the United Way of Greater Greensboro.

Counselors at Kids Path are licensed clinicians who are trained in child-centered therapeutic tools such as play therapy, art therapy and movement. Please call 336.544.5437 to learn more or make a referral for counseling.

Grief Support Groups and Workshops

Age-appropriate support groups are available to help children and teens cope with loss related to death or illness. All support groups are facilitated by Kids Path counselors.

Throughout the year, Kids Path also offers workshops and events that provide children an opportunity to learn about coping with grief through creative activities.

Click here to view the Kids Path calendar with upcoming groups and events.

Aarvy Aardvark Puppet Show

Designed specifically for elementary-age children in the school setting, our Aarvy Aardvark puppet show acts out the feelings we associate with loss. Kids Path staff and trained volunteers provide an educational sharing time with the children in the audience after each puppet show.

Specialized Resources

Kids Path offers many types of specialized resources for parents/caregivers, schools and community members. Kids Path counselors are available at 336.544.5437 to consult with anyone in the community about how to best support a specific child dealing with loss or to provide information about additional resources. Our lending library of child and teen books about grief is available to the public.

Click here for printable resources about helping your child cope with grief.

The Kids Path Building

Located at 2504 Summit Avenue in Greensboro, NC, the Kids Path building has two dedicated play therapy rooms, an expressive arts room and other indoor and outdoor spaces designed to offer a comfortable and fun counseling environment for kids and teens.

Images courtesy of Amicus Photography.