Support Groups

Family Room

The Family Room

Sharing your memories, your feelings and your strategies for coping with other adults who are also grieving can be especially helpful in healing and recovery. Our Counseling and Education Center (CEC) staff offer evening and daytime support groups to those served by HPCG, as well as anyone in the Greater Greensboro area.

Here are several of the support groups offered:

  • Loss of a Child
  • Loss of a Parent
  • Daughters Remembering Mothers
  • Loss of a Sibling
  • Loss of a Spouse or Constant Companion
  • Finding Our New Normal (for grieving spouses who are further out from their loss and focused on rebuilding)
  • Loss Through Suicide (an ongoing group that meets twice a month)
  • Loss Through Overdose (an ongoing group)

Offerings change throughout the year. For a list of current and upcoming support groups, visit the Counseling and Education Center’s Calendar of Events.

“I realized that I’m not going crazy and that other people felt the same way I do.”

“I loved hearing the ideas that other people had about how to handle things.”

“It was really helpful to have a place to go and talk freely about my husband – without people getting uncomfortable or giving me advice that I don’t need.”  

HPCG groups are offered at different times throughout the year, and you are welcome to sign up and be a part of one of these groups.   Most – but not all – people find that it helps to wait to join a group until about six months or longer after the death of their loved one. 

Pre-registration is required. Contact Tammy Chaput at 336.621.5565  or for more information or to register.