Beacon Place Overview

Two Levels of Care as Defined by the Medicare Hospice Benefit:

1. General in-patient (GIP) level of care is offered rather than hospitalization.

a. Short-term stay at Beacon Place is anticipated.
b. Patient needs intense pain control and other symptom management.
c. Patient room and board is covered by Medicare/Medicaid and most private insurance at this level.

2. Routine level of care/room and board.

a. Patient care needs do not meet GIP criteria, but will benefit from 24/7 care.
b. There is no reimbursement for room and board at routine level of care under Medicare/Medicaid or many private   insurance plans; therefore, patients incur charges for daily room and board.

The level of care for patients is based on Medicare guidelines. If you have questions about Beacon Place charges, contact an HPCG case manager or social worker.

Financial Costs

Care at Beacon Place is a covered benefit under most insurance plans, Medicare and Medicaid. Thanks to generous community support and our nonprofit mission, no one is denied services due to an inability to pay.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is eligible for admission to Beacon Place?

Any person with a prognosis of two to four weeks, and who is seeking hospice care. Admission to Beacon Place does require a physician’s order.

Does Beacon Place only admit adults?

Typically, Beacon Place patients are adults, but our rooms and beds can be easily modified to serve Kids Path patients between the ages of birth to 18.

What are the visiting hours at Beacon Place?

Beacon Place has unrestricted visiting hours, and we encourage family and friends to remain involved with the patient’s care.

Who should you ask if you have questions about referrals or admissions to Beacon Place?

If you are a HPCG patient, please ask your social worker. If you are not a HPCG patient, call our Referral Center at 336.621.7575.

How can individuals and families get more involved with HPCG?

You can become a volunteer or make a donation.