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Should My Child Attend the Funeral?

Kids Path counselors are often asked, “Is it a good idea for my child to attend our loved one’s funeral or memorial service?” Our response to this question varies because each situation and child is unique; however, a few specific factors are helpful to consider. Consider Your Child’s Age and Maturity Level Toddlers, preschoolers and continue reading…

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Staying Connected After a Loss

Every loss is different. But whether it’s sudden or expected, peaceful or turbulent, an acquaintance or a close relative, all losses have something in common: there’s always more to say. For a child or teen, not being able to communicate their thoughts and feelings directly to the person they lost can be frustrating. In addition, continue reading…

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Teens Grieve Differently: What You Need to Know

Teenagers are in a time of transition between adulthood and childhood as they gain skills to navigate academic responsibilities, peer relationships and changing family roles. When a significant loss occurs, teens can sometimes react in ways that are surprising to adults. Because of the developmental challenges that teens are already experiencing, it is important for continue reading…

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Does My Child Need Grief Counseling?

Grief is a natural human response to change, death and impending loss. Because grief can be so painful and overwhelming, it often frightens us. Many people worry if they are grieving “the right way” and wonder if their feelings and reactions are normal. Children are no exception to the turmoil of the grieving process, but continue reading…

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