2019 Annual Campaign

A Message from Kim Ketchum

Chair of the 2019 Annual Campaign

Dear friend of HPCG,

My wife Lisa’s symptoms were vague. We suspected a sinus infection — seemingly innocent, and mostly inconvenient. Yet when it didn’t run its course and go away, the tests began: first a CT scan and then an MRI for a closer look. Even though she was only 51, active and physically fit, our uneasiness grew.

Then our lives were forever changed. The doctor said, “Lisa has a brain tumor and needs surgery immediately.”  With this news we began our six-year saga of repeated radiations, chemotherapy, clinical trials, insurance appeals and four craniotomies. I still marvel at Lisa’s courage. The cancer cells eventually outsmarted all the treatments and our very best efforts. With her death, I lost my best friend.

As a longtime volunteer and supporter, I thought I knew and understood the services provided by Hospice and Palliative Care of Greensboro (HPCG) — symptom management and advocacy for those facing a terminal illness, as well as comforting support for those who grieve.  The reality is that I didn’t have a clue – I thought I did, but not really. Experiencing these services firsthand transformed my understanding. It is in these uncertain times that HPCG’s supportive services will wrap around you and your loved one, offering care and compassion that I cannot fully put into words.

Prior to our journey, I also hadn’t considered just how fragile life can be. Whether it’s heart disease, dementia, an accident or a cancer diagnosis, something will happen to every one of us sooner or later. And when you or I, someone we hold close, or even perfect strangers need help, the support, therapy and care of Hospice and Palliative Care of Greensboro will be here.

I am proud to represent Greensboro’s only nonprofit hospice because of its wide-ranging supportive services. But these services wouldn’t exist without you. They are funded by hundreds of charitable contributions — some small, others large.

More than ever, I appreciate the responsibility to give back. Please join me in making a gift to the 2019 annual giving campaign. It is the right thing to do. Together, we can ensure these supportive services are available to anyone who needs them.

Thank you for your consideration,




Kim Ketchum
2019 Annual Campaign Chair

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